Place of the Sun

Source: City of Temecula

Since its early beginning, the Temecula Valley has always been a place where the combination of mild climate and beautiful rolling hills have attracted human settlement.

The name Temecula comes from the Luiseño Indian word "Temecunga" - "temet" meaning "sun" and "-ngna" which means "place of". The Spanish interpreted and spelled the word as "Temecula".


Temecula Valley Historical Society

Founded in 2000, the Temecula Valley Historical Society's mission  is to "identify, preserve and promote the historical legacy of the Temecula Valley and to educate the public about its historical significance".

Projects have included the placement of plaques and markers on historic buildings and sites in Old Town Temecula, the restoration of the Louis Wolf Tomb, the restoration of a stagecoach and the production of a DVD about the local history. The Society provides self guided walking tour maps of Old Town Temecula to local shopkeepers for public distribution. Monthly meetings are held at the Little Temecula History Center which include speaker presentations on the local history of Temecula Valley. The Society also organizes local field trips as well as sending out volunteers to the community to educate youngsters on the valley's historic legacy.

The Society holds regular meetings and produced it's own Historical DVD "Early Boom Town Temecula" which may be purchased for a small donation.

Visit their  website for more information and membership details

History of Temecula

Information posted on the City of Temecula website provides us with an interesting insight as to the history of Temecula and in particular Old Town Temecula.

Of particular interest is the list of historical buildings located in Old Town Temecula.

Historical Old Town Tour Guide

The Temecula Valley Historical Society has produced a Historical Guide to Old Town Temecula.

It provides a map and lists eleven historical properties through out Historic Old Town together with a brief summary of their historical import. The Guide also lists four historical sites including that of the Temecula Hotel built in 1885 and a number of historical residences.

For further information on Historical Old Town Temecula  please visit TVHS website.

Old Temecula Jail

Temecula JailSource: Press Enterprise

"Two mannequins sit in the Old Temecula Jail, a small two-story granite building that's almost hidden in the Old Town Emporium.

Coins -- presumably tossed in for good luck -- are strewn around the figures, who play the part of would-have-been jailbirds. Visitors peer through the bars at the front door, or through the small, one-bar, windows on the sides of the building that dates to the early 20th century.


Old Town Temecula Community Weblinks

What's Happening?

What's HappeningFor a small town there's always a lot happening in OLD TOWN TEMECULA. Visit Temecula Valley Events for a comprehensive list.
Also check out Old Town Temecula Community Theater for a full listing of performances and to purchase tickets.

Local Events

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